Yahoo: Not only is it irresponsible but does not let you go

We are reading a lot of bad things about Yahoo lately: Last month, a massive violation that affected data from 500 millions of users was revealed. Last week, the company was found to scan users' emails by handing this information to US secret services.

It is natural, therefore, that too many users have thought of turning to other services that offer at least one elementary security.Yahoo Mail

The problem is that while the company gives you access to your account deletion, it does not let you leave Yahoo Mail. In accordance with Associated Press, the service has disabled a feature that allows forwarders to be forwarded to different addresses.

This means that you still need to open your Yahoo inbox to check if someone is still sending you email at your old address.

The only way to get your contacts updated to change your address is autoresponse out-of-office that continues to work, unlike AutoPlay. This feature allows automatic answers if you are absent.

In the auto-reply e-mail you can write a message that will include your new email address. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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