Linux: What has pepper got to do with it?

Following the Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based distributions. What's the difference

Title: Let's leave the costly and heavy windows to the students and let's see the free and lighter Linux aka so you knew Linux and made fun of me -supposedly- you do not know.

Friend Dimitris, you honestly did a very good and understandable job, offer - to those who are afraid of using the "Linux world", with your article Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based distributions. What's the difference.

Work that gives in an understandable way, to anyone interested, the opportunity to understand what will be in front of him when he "meets" with Linux and its "psychopaths" (distributions that because they exist on such a large scale and confuse the ordinary user ). Good for you.


I would like to add something else that will concern the readers of the article but also the future Linux users. An analogy, beyond the one mentioned by Dimitris in his article "about the river that does not turn back".

So let's say Linux is like pepper.

Pepper that goes into a food without being rubbed (see ubuntu), pepper that goes into a small amount and gives aroma to a food (see editions linux like, elementary, manjaro etc), pepper that comes in large doses that is not for many in a "chili" food (see Linux Arch etc.).

The base, the pepper, is common. Same denominator for all foods (see versions - "flavors" of Linux versions) that accept it. However, the quantity of pepper, the specialized quantity of its use, is the one that determines the "what" and "how much" it wants, every user can stand it.

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Given this, in simple words and bad lies the truth is one. The Linux mint versions are not the best for the experienced and demanding Linux user. However, they have the stability and the best support in any problem that the average computer user faces.

For example, if a linux user encounters a problem connecting a peripheral (eg camera, printer, etc.) to a machine running Linux, go to google, type in "linux mint drivers" and there they will find thousands of suggestions -solutions of his problem.

This of course (finding solutions to a possible problem) happens in other versions besides the Linux mint, but -again bad lies- in a somewhat more technocratic-scientific way since those there (mainly in Arch) do not deal with decompressing packages in from a graphical environment, etc., but with the essence of "low communication" (see registration and code corrections) with the processor and motherboard of a computer. And they do well since they are the "chefs" who create, while the rest of the masses simply enjoy the creations of the former.


For a computer user who wants
to read emails, watch his facebook, listen to the radio and watch videos, read news (through a browser)
or even keeps records of his business, (see this here)
make use of the Steam gaming platform,
to write or read a letter a spreadsheet, a presentation (through FREE Libreoffice instead of the expensive Ms office) etc etc, Linux is one way. One way without "telemetry" monitoring by some MS, Apple Google and without cost.

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  1. For anyone "fresh" in Linux thinking of using it instead of windows, for anyone who has read Dimitris's article and is still here, I suggest a short reading (without dwelling on what will probably tire him or he will not understand) in the : Linux structure: Guide for beginners
  2. Probably someone will say: "well what you say but we have a problem with Samba of Linux on Linux networking", I will answer with the following: some time ago I loaded Linux Mint in two Towers of a man who had coffee and wanted to read emails, play music and reading news. When I finished and he asked me: will you show me 5 things? I replied: if I were not here, what would you do? Try it yourself for 2 minutes. Indeed ! 5 minutes later he had opened his email on Firefox, had put on music and was reading a letter that had previously been written in Ms office.
    Teasing him, I did not tell him: because you knew Linux and you were making fun of me that -supposedly- you do not know.

  3. Are German civil servants working with Linux smarter than ours working on expensive windows? Or is the title of this article here ;

Happy New Year to everyone.

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